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Hiroshima Musalla

Hiroshima Musalla is located in Kasumi, Minami-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima, Japan.

Insha'Allah, the musalla is open for daily prayers to make it convenient for Muslims who are looking for a place to pray in Hiroshima. If you happen to be in the time of a prayer during your visit to Hiroshima City, please feel free to use the musalla. The mushala is also serving for weekly Jumu’ah Prayer which usually starts between 12:30 – 12:45 JST.

For a detailed information on access/directions, contact, etc., please visit here.

About HICC

       All the praises and thanks be to Allah Almighty, the Giver of bountiful blessings and gifts.

Hiroshima Islamic Cultural Center (HICC) is the first Islamic cultural center and Masjid to be founded in Hiroshima prefecture in May 2012. It shall be an aromatic seed planted here. With the necessary care, Muslims will reap its fine fruits soon, Insha'Allah.


  • Gather Muslims in Hiroshima under one umbrella to strengthen the community relations.
  • To be a bridge between Japanese society and Muslims to increase the mutual understanding, and share friendship, cultures, traditions.
  • Hold different activities and programs to let Muslim families live Islam in Japan.


  • Saijo Muslim Association (SMA) was founded more than 15 years ago by the Muslims studying in Hiroshima University. That is to unite the Muslims coming from different nationalities and practice their religion.
  • A few years later it was changed to Hiroshima Muslim Association (HMA) to extend their scope of work to cover the whole Hiroshima Prefecture.
  • HICC is an organization registered by the HMA to the Japanese government in the mid of 2008 that has a goal to establish a place for Muslims in Hiroshima Prefecture in order to do their religious activities and as a center for sharing knowledge, cultures and friendship with Japanese society.
  • On the November 16th 2011, Hiroshima Court has formally changed the ownership of center's land and building to Hiroshima Islamic Cultural Center (HICC).


After thanking the almighty Allah, we would like to sincerely thank to all Muslims, especially in Hiroshima and Japan, who supported this project so that we were able to found this Islamic cultural center. May Allah rewards all of them the best.

We also would like to thank to the Japanese government and its society who are very much welcome and open for other people from different cultures, traditions and religions to establish such a center among their society and we believe that this can be a beautiful way to keep the world in a peaceful, understanding and friendly atmosphere.

Muslim Certificate

Anyone, who wishes to embrace Islam, is very welcome to visit Hiroshima Islamic Cultural Center (HICC). We are so pleased to give you a brief overview of the Islam and help you to be a Muslim.

The meaning of ‘Islam’ is ‘submission’, and is derived from a word meaning ‘peace’. That means a Muslim is a one who submits to the will of God (Allah). Becoming a Muslim is so simple and what you need to do is to say Shahada (Testimony of Faith) which is:

اشهد أن لا إله إلا الله و اشهد أن محمد رسول الله
Ashhadu alla ilaha illallah wa ashhadu anna muhammadan rasululullah

That means “There is no true god but Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger (Prophet) of Allah.”  However, the person should say it with conviction and understanding its meaning, then he/she has become a Muslim. Conversion to Islam can be done alone however we recommend you to pay a visit to the Islamic center to help you saying Shahada , and to strengthen your understanding.

At the Islamic center, we can issue you a Muslim Certificate upon request. While being a Muslim does not need a certificate, such a certificate is necessary for some issues such as performing Hajj (A pilgrimage to Mecca), getting marry from a Muslim, etc.

The Islamic Center building has 12 apartments in total. While one of them is reserved for Dawa'h purposes, the remaining 11 apartments are available for rent.

Apartment's Details:

  • 1LDK apartment.
  • Fee: 28,000 Japanese yen per month.
  • Parking: 1st lot (+2000 Yen). 2nd1 lot (+5000 Yen)

Now all apartments are rented. We will announce any vacancy when available on this page.


Hiroshima Islamic Cultural Center (広島イスラーム文化センター):

Address: 〒739-0036 Hiroshima-ken, Higashihiroshima-shi, Saijōchō Taguchi, 2786−1 イスラーム文化センター

Email: admin[at] hiroshima-icc.org / hiroshimaislamiccenter [at] gmail.com



Nearby train stations:

  • Higashihiroshima Station: It is 1.88 Km distance from the center. You can take a taxi to reach us.
  • Saijo Station:  It is 4.37  Km distance from the center. You can take either the bus directed to Kure station (呉駅 ) or the bus directed to Hiroshima International University (広島国際大学). You should step off the bus at 東子 bus stop.




Hiroshima Islamic Cultural Center provide different facilities which are open for all; we particularly provide services to the Muslims living in Hiroshima prefecture and all over Japan according to some rules and regulations


In addition to the main prayer hall (As-Salam Masjid) and the library of the center, other facilities are available for group activities and include:

  • Two Seminar rooms (5th floor).
  • Multipurpose room (4th floor).
  • Kitchen and a dining hall (1st floor).
  • Da’wah room (3rd floor).
  • Center’s mini bus. >

All Muslims can apply (in a group) to use these facilities at any time. The utilization of the center’s facilities must be in accordance with the mission, rules and regulations of Hiroshima Islamic Cultural Center (HICC).

Rules and Regulations

  • All activities should not violate the teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunnah of the noble prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
  • It is not permissible to take photos or record videos in the main prayer hall without a notification.
  • During lectures, in main prayer hall, HICC is the only authorized body to record the event.
  • It is not permissible to reserve any facility for a personal purpose. Instead, all reservation should be to hold an activity that serves a   group or a community.
  • Da’wah room is only available for Da’wah groups and visiting scholars.
  • Food is not allowed on the carpeted area of the Islamic Cultural Center. For any food related activities, please use the multipurpose room or the dining hall (1st floor).
  • Please try to not make any noise that disturbs others
  • Please make sure that the Islamic Cultural Center is always clean.
  • The last persons need to make sure that all lights, air-conditioners or any electronic appliances have been switched off before leaving the place.
  • The user shall be responsible for making sure that cars are parked properly.

The HICC Executive Committee reserves the right to add additional suggestions or to reject any request that goes against its policies or contradict with any Islamic teachings.


HICC, its Board of Directors and Executive Committee assume no responsibility/liability for the misuse/damage to the facility, injury to persons, or loss/damage to the personal property brought to the facility. It is the responsibility/liability of the users.

For reservation or further information please use    contact us

It is the first Masjid in Hiroshima prefecture located in the 4th floor of the Hiroshima Islamic cultural center.  As-Salam Masjid is open every day for all Muslims living in or visiting Hiroshima to practice their religious duties such the five prayers, reciting Qur'an, etc. Moreover, it offers the place for Muslims to congregate and practice:

  • Friday's Prayer.
  • Eid Prayers.
  • Traweeh Prayer (in the holy month of Ramadan)

Not to forget, many lectures and classes are being held to expand the knowledge of Islam in our brothers and sisters. Having such a place in Hiroshima brings to Muslims the chance to exploit the most merits of congregational worshiping, and to keep their children connected with the real practices of Islam.

Prayer Hall - photo 1 Prayer Hall  - photo 2
Prayer Hall photo 1

Prayer Hall photo 2

Prayer Hall  - photo 3 Free space

Prayer Hall photo 3

Free space

Ablution Place Main Entrance
Ablution Place

Main Entrance






Iqama Times

Fajr : Athan +20 mins
Dhuhr : 12:25
Asr : 15:15
Maghrib : Athan +5 mins
Isha'a : 19:15
Friday khutba : after athan

Athsn Times:





Address: 〒739-0036 Hiroshima-ken, Higashihiroshima-shi, Saijōchō Taguchi, 2786−1 4th-5th floor イスラーム文化センター

Email: admin@hiroshima-icc.org

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