Announcement of forming HIC Committees

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Assalamu Alikum,

The board of Directors is glad to announce about forming new committees to manage the activities and facilities owned by the HIC (Hiroshima Islamic Council). All interested registered general members are encouraged to apply for the positions. To apply, please check the details below and submit an application form at the bottom of this page. You can apply for at most three positions ordered by your preference. However, you will be assigned to one committee. The deadline for accepting applications is 10th December 2016. 

HIC is expecting your high contribution in these good deeds inshaAllah for the benefit of the Muslim community and you. 

       Application form for HIC Committee.

HIC Facility Management Committee


Description This committee is to take care of the HICC common facilities, which includes 1- The main hall of the Masjid 2- Wudu Rooms 3- Multipurpose room 4- Seminar rooms (5F) 5- Elevator entrance hall 6- Stairs and corridors 7- Dining Halls 8- building roof 9-Parking lots 10- Bicycles place 11- Dawaah room 13- HICC Van 14- garbage place 15- Outer fence 16- Kitchen
  1. Keep the whole facilities in good conditions by calling for a weekly cleaning of the facilities and calling for general clearing from time to time. 
  2. Reporting to the board of directors about the damages in the facilities and submitting any necessary repair/ maintenance requests. 
  3. Checking the readiness of the fire extinguishers
  4. Educating the new tenants about the garbage classification system
  5. Buying all the necessary cleaning materials and tools
  6. Maintain a schedule for the events to take place in the facility
  7. Maintain the HICC van working and in a good shape
  8. Maintain the Dawaah room clean and ready for hosting HIC Islamic guests
Members 3 members (Preferably two from the current tenants of the building and one director) (One head and two members)

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       Application form for HIC Committee.

HIC Educational Committee


Description The committee is to work on preparing the environment for educating the Muslim community members in Hiroshima about their religion based on the guidance of the Holy Quran and following the teaching of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Special emphasize should be given for the children religious education. Another type of educations such as science, culture, literature. Etc. can all be conducted under the umbrella of the current committee and it is open for public. This educational system used by the committee can include both online and offline educations.
  1. Preparing 4 months’ schedule (one semester) for all courses to be run under the HIC  
  2. Prepare a description of each course, its contents and the number of studying hours required to complete each course 
  3. Selecting an instructor and a substitute for each course
  4. Deciding the minimum and the maximum number of students of each course
  5. Deciding the enrollment fee in each course to cover all the expenses required to guaranty the success of the course (If needed)
  6. Deciding the system for student’s enrollments
  7. Developing evaluation system for the student’s level prior and after completing the course
  8. Developing certification and archive system for the materials of all the courses.
  9. Contact other institutions/organizations to bring credibility to the HIC education system

• Three to five members including the head.

• Instructors and their substitutes are not necessary to be managing members of the committee.

• For non-religious education: Muslims, Non-Muslims, Japanese or foreigners can be accepted as instructors and students

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       Application form for HIC Committee.

HIC Dawaah and Publication Committee

Description The committee is to work on preparing ways for implementation (to spread the Islamic knowledge in the prefecture).
  1. Arranging Islamic events, such as Jumaah prayers, Eid prayers, Kusuf and Khusuf prayers….etc.
  2. Updating the HICC homepage with every Islamic activity, reports and news taking place in the prefecture (in both versions of the website) 
  3. Updating the HICC Facebook page with every Islamic activity, reports and news taking place in the prefecture
  4. Developing a librarian system for the library of the center 
  5. Developing an online library of the center that contains and the Islamic books in Japanese, English, Arabic and other languages 
  6. Preparing Islamic public seminars and inviting Islamic scholars for better understanding of the Islam among the Japanese public 
  7. Updating the daily prayers timetable
  8. Arranging Islam embracing ceremony
  9. Arrange for Islamic marriage ceremony
  10. Divorce procedure and Islah efforts
  11. Arrange for Islamic funeral ceremony and preparing other related issues such as grave, body washing and transportation.
  12. Preparing newsletters about the Islamic activities in the prefecture and work on the proper distribution of it.
  13. Serving Transportation for Jumm`ah and Jama`ah prayers
  14. Sadaqa, Zakat and other related issues.
Members • Three to five members including the head. • Good Islamic knowledge. • Japanese language ability is must for at least two of the members

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       Application form for HIC Committee.

HIC Women Committee


Description The committee is to work on educating and keep the activities of Muslim ladies in the prefecture.

The duties could include, but not limited to the following:

  1. Islamic Education for ladies and Kids (online and offline)
  2. Cooking classes to promote the Islamic countries culture (Japanese, foreign, Muslims and non-Muslims participants are welcomed). Announcement and advertising is to be conducted through the Dawaah and publication committee.
  3. Islamic seminars for ladies, including the invitation of Islamic female scholars
  4. Welfare and family support activities
  5. others

• At least two members of each community (Participations of University students, University degree holders or person with English language skills are recommended)

• Good Islamic knowledge

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       Application form for HIC Committee.

HIC Sport and Youth Committee


Description The committee is to organize all the sport and outdoor activities for Muslim adults and youth

The duties could include, but not limited to the following and participation is open to the public.

  1.  Making the arrangement and the reservations for futsal and badminton games 
  2.  Making the arrangement of cycling events
  3.  Making the arrangement for mountain climbing events
  4.  Site visits for cultural and natural spots within Hiroshima.
  5.  Youth camp and workshop

• Two members and one head. (Three in total)

• It is preferable to have more than one member from Hiroshima University students.

• Under 40 years old.

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Application form for HIC Committee. (The deadline is 10th Dec. 2016)

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