Call for General Council Membership Nomination

Dear All. 

Assalamu Alikum 


Alhamdulillah, we almost have reached the final step of selecting/electing the general council (Shora) members of the future organization HIC (Hiroshima Islamic Council). By now 17 members have been selected representing 8 countries. 

However, 2 more members should be selected/elected according to the regulations of HIC to have 19 general council members in total. 

According to the regulations, at this stage of procedure, Any Muslim in Hiroshima (regardless to which group/community belongs) can nominate himself for this position as long as he meets the eligibility criteria which are:

1- To be a general member registered in HIC

2- Have been in all time with legal status in Japan and throughout your term as a GC Member 

3- At least involved with HICC activities for the last six months (prior to July 21st 2016)

4- At least two years of expected stay in Hiroshima with legal status.


If you are interested, please go ahead an visit this link (HERE) to fill a simple form.


The nomination will be closed by Friday 30th September 2016 12:00 PM.

In case we received more than two nominations, the current Board of Directors and HICC Executive Committee shall select/elect only two nominees to succeed as general council members by 2nd October 2016.


Jazakum Allah khaeran. 


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