Zakat El-fitr Ramadan 2016 collection

Assalamu Alikum WAB,

Zakat committee will start collecting Zakat al-fitr for Ramadan 1437 - 2016.


To donate your Zakat please refer to your community representative or donate it in a special box in the Islamic Center by 26th Ramadan (1/7/2016) Friday Prayer. Minimum amount for Zakat El Fitr in Japan in 2016 is 1500 yen per person. (If you fail to donate it by the deadline, you need to send it by yourself to Otsuka Masjid by 29th of Ramadan 2016)

あなたのザカート・アル・フィドルをラマダン26日《7/1》までに、コミュニティの代表に預けてください。 2016年の日本でのザカート・アル・フィトル最小額は一人当たり1500円です。

The Zakat will be sent to Otsuka Masjid. They informed us that the zakat will be distributed among needy Muslim in Japan to whom they support every year. Also, they are going to support Muslims in Syria. For details- you can directly visit website/facebook of Otsuka masjid/ Japan Islamic Trust.


For further information, please contact us at admin[at]

詳細については、 管理者までご連絡ください

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Iqama Times

Fajr : Athan +20 mins
Dhuhr : 12:25
Asr : 15:15
Maghrib : Athan +5 mins
Isha'a : 19:15
Friday khutba : after athan

Athsn Times:





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